Still Improving

I think one of the most important things is that we keep improving (or at least feel that we are). This is my most recent image, taken on the tiny Lumix GM1 whilst waiting for a fishing lake to thaw.

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Coffee Break!

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Red Hot Boogie

Some rock’n’roll from yours truly!

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Developing a Style…

Looking back over some recent photographs of bands and musicians there’s a definite style developing here. I knew I shouldn’t have bought that Caravaggio book…

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Zombie Apocalypse!

Gloucester was over-run yesterday by the undead.

Taken on the Fuji x-Pro1.

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Gloucester Prison

Gloucester Prison was closed a few years back, and there have only been a couple of opportunities to have a look inside since. Today I was lucky enough to get on one of the tours. I took the little Fuji X100s along for the ride:

Sniffer Dog Kennel:

Council Offices from prison yard:

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One Flash…

My lighting setup currently consists of one manual flash gun and a radio trigger. Nothing else, not even an umbrella. I don’t even have a brolly for when it’s raining.

Anyway, this is a good thing. It means I can practice and get used to just this one thing without worrying about modifiers and multiple strobes and backgrounds.

Here are my first attempts. I’ve set the camera so that without the flash the exposure is almost black, then I’ve dialled in some very direct (I used a roll of black card as a snoot) low powered light.

A selfie:

My buddy Sid:

Next up I’ll try bouncing that single flash off the ceiling. But for now… that’s it!

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