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Red Hot Boogie

Some rock’n’roll from yours truly!

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Developing a Style…

Looking back over some recent photographs of bands and musicians there’s a definite style developing here. I knew I shouldn’t have bought that Caravaggio book…

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Sycamore Heights – Original Song

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new songs on this blog. So time to put that right! Here’s one called “Sycamore Heights”  

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I Don’t Believe In Lies

I have a whole bunch of new original songs. Figured they’d fit nicely in this blog alongside the photo postings. So here’s the first, a little bit of slide guitar in Open D:

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New Song… Well A Snippet Of A New Song

Sometime ago, between the long gone days of a cassette Portastudio and the modern era of laptop based recording I had a Tascam DP004. Listening back I find that old SD card is full of snippets of long forgotten and … Continue reading

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And another original song: Ten Degrees & Colder

Another moment of relief from all these photographs I keep posting. This song was inspired by my listening to the amazing Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcasts on the German Invasion of Russia in WW2. Dan’s podcasts are always superb, even … Continue reading

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New Song: I Learned To Walk

Most of my posts recently have been about photography rather than music. But I’m pleased to say I’ve written a new song. It’s a melancholy ditty… I know a few people who dance through life with nary a worry, but … Continue reading

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Some moving images for a change. This is a work in progress (as you will no doubt easily tell!). But this my arrangement of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird in DADGAD tuning:

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New Song: Thwarted!

This is my take on the Robert Johnson legend… The last line came first and I worked backwards from there. Enjoy!

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Brokedown Treadmill

  Here’s a recent acoustic piece I rustled up. It’s in DADGAD tuning – my first piece in DADGAD. Maybe best to listen on headphones as I’ve fine tuned the sound for headphones…well, I was a bit heavy on the … Continue reading

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