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A Good Year For Westerns

It’s been a good year for westerns, back in February “Dead Man’s Return” was accepted. This is the third and final part of the Dead Man trilogy, and it came out in October and actually reached number 1 in one … Continue reading

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Robert Campbell – Crime Author

Next up in my series on forgotten or not nearly well enough known authors is the wonderful Robert Campbell. Much like Bob Woodruff (see a previous post) stands head and shoulders above the mass of country singers and songwriters yet … Continue reading

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Robin Hood: A Great Line

I love this exchange in the 2010, Russell Crowe, version of Robin Hood: Robin Longstride (Russell Crow): [asking about her late husband] A good knight? Marion Loxley (Cate Blanchette): It was short but sweet. Robin Longstride: No, I meant: he … Continue reading

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That Would Never Happen

Two things: one – I tend to write myself into corners far too often, waste far too many tens of thousands of words, too many hours. Two – watching the TV and movies this Christmas it suddenly struck me that … Continue reading

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My Approach To The Blues

This tale is so old it’s in a folder on my PC entitled “Files from old PC” and within that folder it’s in a folder similarly named that included the files from my last but one PC (and to let … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

Due out early 2013!

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Flash Fiction

Over the years I’ve written a whole lot of flash fiction stories – for me this means 350 words or less. The crazy thing is most of the time I struggle to keep a regular short story within reasonable limits … Continue reading

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