Been an age since I posted anything – so here’s something totally different. Some artwork. I’ve always enjoyed looking at art and so recently have started working my way through Bert Dodson’s Key’s to Drawing book in an effort to be able to do some myself.

What a marvellous and amazing book this is. You really don’t want to see my output from Chapters One and Two, but I’m now getting towards the end of Chapter Three – the chapter on measuring, finding the midpoint, vertical and horizontal lines, looking for relationships between shapes and points and all that great stuff, and suddenly I’m starting to come up with a few things that I’m not too unhappy with.

In parallel to the Dodson book I’ve also been working through a few watercolour lessons that Stan Miller has on YouTube. It’s early days, but I have tried to combine the two – i.e. using the exercises from Dodson’s book as the basis for a few of Stan Miller’s exercises.

Anyway, all great fun. Following Dodson’s order of exercises I started with some straight on heads, then some profiles, then three quarter views, and now I’m just getting to a few of the odd-angle / foreshortened views.

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