More Random Shots…

I think I should rename this blog to Randomisation! I’m still new to this photography lark and am yet to settle on the area that I want to focus on, excuse the pun. Whilst I make up my mind here are more random images from the last week or so.

First up we have “Mike“. This is taken on the Nikon D5100 (Mike’s camera, as it happens) with the 35mm lens.

Next we have “Walking Lucy” at the band’s first gig. Fuji X-Pro with the 35mm lens:

Now we have a Boat-House on the Gloucester Sharpness canal. Fuji X-E1 and the 18-55 zoom:

On the same camera and lens we’ll end with these few:

Green on Yellow:

By A Lonely Prison Wall:

Canal in the Late Summer:

and lastly, a Boatyard:

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